Michael Norton delivering his How to Buy Happiness TED Talk

Michael I. Norton

Michael I. Norton is a professor at Harvard Business School. Michael’s research focuses on behavioral economics and well-being, with particular attention given to happiness and spending, income inequality, the IKEA effect, and, most recently, rituals.

Michael Norton’s research has been published in popular media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, and The New York Times, as well as academic journals like Science, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, and the American Economic Review. His “How to Buy Happiness” TED Talk has been viewed over 4 million times, and his work has been parodied by The Onion

In 2013, Norton co-authored Happy Money: The Science of Happier Spending with Elizabeth Dunn. His upcoming book The Ritual Effect focuses on the surprising and versatile power of rituals.

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“Rituals operate, often invisibly, below our radar, not just by helping us perform effectively or maintain good habits but by enabling us to savor the experiences of everyday life.”